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Once upon a time, there was a very bored, very young, very smart, very blonde girl. She joined this website, she posted her art, she became popular for her greatest talents. She learned to accept herself more, and became a true artist in time. She fell in love, she found friends, she made enemies, she drew stuff. And now she scares everyone around her and gives them nightmares each night. Until you learn to obey her brain rotting talents, she will continue to scar the minds of many children. Welcome to my gallery!


JTHM, Invader Zim, Jhonen Vasquez stuff, my friends, wolves, and dragons. Wont you step into the wonderful world of my favorites?


Leila - Attempt 2 by 3933911
Leila - Attempt 2
My second attempt to doodle my fawnling charrie lol This is still only a sketch. It's not an official profile or anything for now.
Fawnling Base by 3933911
Fawnling Base
Just a little base I completed for the sake of having a fawnling base out there for use XD

If you do use, please credit me! Leave the credit signature there at least. And link it back here so I can see what a wonderful job you did on your artwork. :)  Allow me to favorite as well X3
Leila Doodle by 3933911
Leila Doodle
My fawnling doodle :) Its not official in anyway. It's just a sketch to get a feel for fawnlings. I'm still having some issues with the legs and body
Updated 5 - Johnny, Erika and Paige by 3933911
Updated 5 - Johnny, Erika and Paige
Name: Paige Teresa Coleman
Gender: Female
Age: [Preteen/Oldest of the three]
Personality: Curious, intelligent, charismatic, compassionate, logical.
Dislikes: When people are mean to each other.
Likes: The outdoors.
Height: 4.5 feet
Weight: 102 pounds
"Mother": Elizabeth M. Coleman
"Father": Colton R. Coleman
Siblings: Erika R. Coleman and Johnny M. Coleman
Talents: Drawing and Painting

"Hello! My name is Paige. Mom tells me my middle name is the same as my Grandma's name. I love to play outdoors, and especially baseball with my dad. I have unconditional love for my little brother and sister! I don't really like things like watch TV or draw because it's just way too boring for me. Dad is always bringing me to the mall or out for ice cream for my awesome grades! I'm pretty good at math."

Name: Erika Rose Coleman
Gender: Female
Age: [Kid/Middle Child]
Personality: Curious, innocent, shy, compassionate, whimsical.
Dislikes: Being hurt or watching others get hurt.
Likes: Animals and nature
Height: 50 inches
Weight: 69.7 pounds
"Mother": Elizabeth M. Coleman
"Father": Colton R. Coleman
Siblings: Paige T. Coleman and Johnny M. Coleman
Talents: Baking and Gardening

"Hi. My name is Erika. I enjoy baking and taking pictures of random things. I love to take pictures of my big sister and my mom! Big sister is like my model. I spend a lot of time outside where I can be around flowers and animals... My little brother and I are always hanging out."

Name: Johnny Michael Coleman
Gender: Male
Age: [Child/Youngest of the three]
Personality: Intelligent, charismatic, energetic, creative.
Dislikes: Sore winners
Likes: Water/Playing in or with water.
Height: 55 inches
Weight: 73 pounds
"Mother": Elizabeth M. Coleman
"Father": Colton R. Coleman
Siblings: Erika R. Coleman and Paige T. Coleman
Talents: Swimming and Drawing

"Hi!! My name is Johnny! My middle name is the same as my grandpa's first name. My big sister, Erika is pretty cool. She's like my best friend ever. We usually play in the backyard. Ma sometimes lets us run around in our bathing suits in the backyard while she turns on the sprinklers. I like to going swimming with dad a lot!"


All Items Found In Forest : Ideal Discoverer
Pill Bottle : Liz
Old Painting : Liz
Notebook : Liz
Tent : Liz
Old Clock : Liz
Cigarette : Zero
Syringe : Zero
Vodka Bottle : Zero
Heart Necklace : Zero
Box Cutter : Zero
Cross : Angel
Baby Bottle : Angel
Phone Book : Angel
Laundry Basket : Angel
Frying Pan : Angel
Plushy Rabbit : Sarah
Flower : Sarah
Broken Phone : Sarah
School Desk : Sarah
Fence : Sarah

All Places in the Forest : Ideal Discoverer
The Fog Bog : Liz
The Crucifixion Hill : Zero
The Cathedral : Angel
The Park : Sarah


"Liz's Path"

Liz is a fifteen year old girl with a strong imagination and sense of creativity. She is very mature for her age and adores animals and all forms of art and is quite gifted in all elements of art. She often finds herself immersed in her own little world just by sitting and staring off into nothingness. She is quite articulate and loving towards all aspects of life, and can be a very straight forward person yet very gentle. She is constantly dreaming of the future and all the wonderful and scary things she can become. Liz also reminiscences in memories, recalling and appreciating the little things, yet regretting and rotting in her own history. She finds very little time to thank the present of what is currently in front of her and this can cause Liz to seem as a flighty, unrealistic little girl instead of the ambitious, talented, young lady she knows, deep down, she really is.

Liz wears a red and black, horizontally striped t-shirt with a black jacket over it. Her jeans are black and so are her boots. Her hair is long and her bangs cover almost the entire left side of her her face. She is blonde with pale, white, almost porcelain skin. Her body curves subtly and sweetly as she is more on the small, medium body set side. Her eyes are vibrant blue.

Ominous Saying(s)
"In this forest,
I am all alone.
I wish I had someone special
to be here by my side."

"We were all meant
to live happy, healthy,
lovely lives."

Items Found in Forest : Saying
-Pill bottle : "The baby girl's vitamins.
               The old man's medication.
               To go without
               is ultimate asphyxiation."

-Old Painting : "A work of art!
                A piece so grand!
                What are you doing here
                in this land?"

-Notebook : "I received you
            completely untouched.
            I filled you
            with all myself.
            I forgot you
            to make room for more."

-Tent : "Let's play hide and seek!
        Where I go
        you may never find me."

-Old Clock : "Broken, you stop.
         Working, you go.
         I can speed you up.
         I can slow you down.
         But time will never depend."

Other Items...

--Cigarette : "I don't understand
              how one could love
              to choke, smell, and burn
              so much."

--Syringe : "Drugs don't do anything
            but make us forget
            the lessons we've been taught
            and the mistakes we've made."

--Vodka Bottle : "Smelly, icky, terrible
                 I wish it would all
                 go away."

--Heart Necklace : "Lost by accident?
                   Forgotten on purpose?
                   Either way,
                   a tragic loss of something

--Box Cutter : "To construct
               or destroy?
               That is the question."

--Cross : "This is no more
          than a symbol of someone
          else's faith."

--Plushy Rabbit : "Stuffed animals
                  always make me feel
                  safe and sound."

--Flower : "You can grow,
           just like me.
           Taken away from home,
           you stop growing.
           Just like me."

--School Desk : "School is the challenge.
                The students are the booing,
                cheering audience.
                The teachers are the coaches."

Place in Forest
The Fog Bog - "The things I cannot see
              I do not fear.
              That disjointed reality
              is not here.
              Let's close our eyes,
              and make this one disappear."

Other Places...
The Crucifixion Hill - "What soul was placed there?
                       No one deserves to die
                       a death so unfair."

The Cathedral - "Religion is all about where we go
                when we die.
                No matter what,
                death is a chance for something
                new and beautiful."

The Park - "I always loved to romp
           and play as a kid.
           Have I matured,
           or has fear finally set in?"

Wolf: White Rabbit

Fault: Wants to escape from reality/the present.

Literal Death
While wondering the forest, Liz sees a little white rabbit while approaching a sudden misty/foggy pocket in the forest. She follows it away into the dense fog and eventually into a dark rabbit hole.

Consistent House Theme
The entire house is dark and looks as though it were underground. Tiny flashes of warm light fade in and out of focus throughout Liz's travel through the house.

Rooms : Representations
-A Child's Bedroom : The freedom of being a carefree child. Liz is sometimes childish.

-Art Room/Studio : (The paintings flash between pleasant, abstract paintings and nightmarish monster faces.) The freedom to present one's greatest dreams and nightmares. Liz is an artist.

-Pharmacy : The medications Liz never took to keep her anxieties and nightmares at bay.

-Underground Tunnel : The similarities of being a rabbit, hiding in one's little burrow for safety, unreachable, unseen until the rabbit decides to come out on its own.

"Grandma's Room"
A warm, illusive light that is never reached.

Grandma's House Death
Liz discovers the warm, illusive light at the end of the endless tunnel and runs for it, trying desperately to evade the darkness of her past, which is directly behind her. Distracted by what's ahead of her, her future, and too afraid of what's behind her, she is too busy to notice the darkness around her closing in on her and coming to crash down on her once she has reached the door and it slams shut. Liz's world literally comes crashing down around her.

Accept the past. Don't fear it. Live in the moment. Don't run from it. Plan for the future, but don't let it distract you from what is currently happening.

Liz: Apprehension


"Zero's Path"

At twenty one years old, Zero has developed into an extremely articulate, intelligent, analytical young man. His default passions are all forms of rock and classical music and literature. He restlessly peruses an everlasting elegant composure that radiates pure grace and very much comes off as intimidating. He doesn't mean to induce intimidation, but at the same time he enjoys the respect it earns him. Undoubtedly, he is far beyond confident. Zero is completely willing to stash his weaknesses and desires deep down in an unseen part of his soul, and this keeps him from realizing the good things in life for he tends to always be too busy trying to forget the person he used to be. With a past he plans to take to the grave, Zero is desperate for inner peace but is oblivious as to how to become someone better apart from the loser junkie he often owned up to. Zero knows he must shed the skin of a rotten childhood, but how is he able to do this while he still believes in the monster he once was? For this fault he is very much aware of, he feels that he needs to be punished...

Zero wears a black cloak with white flames at the bottom trim. His elbow-high gloves, knee-high boots and tank top are all white. His pants are black leather. He carries assorted charms and jewelry items along his belt. Zero has pale, white skin and pitch black hair that grows freely and meets his shoulders. He is very tall and very skinny with large, prominent muscles that make up most of his weight. His eyes are a glowing, lime green.

Ominous Saying(s)
This is paradise."

"Lonely. Afraid. Homeless.
Without a soul to love,
I am utterly hopeless."

Items Found in Forest : Saying
-Cigarette : "I used to set the world aflame,
             watch it burn,
             and walk on its ashes."

-Syringe : "To you
           I have given
           most of myself."

-Vodka Bottle : "You said
                'drink me!'
                and therefore,
                I shrank when I did."

-Heart Necklace : "You once belonged
                  to someone who loved you.
                  This is something
                  we share."

-Box Cutter : "To cut my losses.
              To make it end.
              Both of these things
              I used to want so badly."

Other Items...
--Pill Bottle : "I should.
                Restore me,
                capsules of stability."

--Old Painting : "What memories
                 are you made of?"

--Notebook : "A picture says a thousand words.
             A thousand words
             define their writer.
             Or does the writer
             define their words?"

--Tent : "My box.
         No way in.
         No way out."

--Old Clock : "Did we break
              at the same time?"

--Cross : "If you bring love
          and security,
          why do I feel so

--Flower : "I prefer white, red,
           and black roses."

Place in Forest
The Crucifixion Hill - "So much love and hope,
                       gone to waste.
                       This is where faith
                       goes to die."

Other Places...
The Fog Bog - "Beautiful, misty, lovely
              I may just stay here

The Cathedral - "I won't say that I believe
                but yet, I admit my fear
                for my immortal soul."

The Park - "A public hang-out
           for the lonely ones."

Wolf: The Grim Reaper

Fault: Wants to develop into a new, good person, but can't leave the old, bad person he used to be behind.

Literal Death
Literally stares death in the face.

Consistent House Theme
Basically everything is burning down in flames.

Rooms : Representations
-School Bathroom : The cliche smoke-spot for high-schoolers.

-Destroyed Living-room : Never really having a welcoming place to call home.

-Trashed Bedroom : The general concept of being taken advantage of.

-Church : The oppression of the soul's eternal fate: Heaven or Hell.

"Grandma's Room"
Dark room with wooden steak cross in center of the room.

Grandma's House Death
Tied to the cross steak, crucified, and burned alive.

Who you've been does not define who you are now, so don't punish yourself for it. Let go of the old you and make room for the new. If you don't, you will ultimately find yourself in a loop...

Zero: Negative False Deception


"Angel's Path"

Angel shares the same age as her best friend, Liz. Fifteen. At this age, Angel is in her spiritual prime. She is lively, elegant, charismatic, brilliant, and all sorts of comedic. She is artistic and loves to dance and laugh. Any mother would call her the perfect daughter. Any sister would envy and adore her. Any brother would fight off all other boys to protect her. Any father would be beyond proud and even cry when he must give her away to another man. But this is entirely the opposite for poor Angel. As the eldest sister, early parenthood is thrust upon her, taking care of her two younger sisters, scheduling appointments, working a part-time job, cooking, cleaning, shopping... You name it. Her mother claims to always be at work and no father figure stays around for very long. Angel must adopt the only parental figure in the household. Sometimes she dreams of running away and doing whatever she wants, but with a stone heart, it anchors her to the family that may never really appreciate Angel until she is long gone...

Angel wears a spaghetti strap black dress that cuts at her knees and little, black, dancing shoes. A tiny red heart is stitched into the left side of her dress, just below the collar bone. She has dark caramel skin, big, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair that meets just below her shoulders with left side bangs, and a curvy, beautiful, medium-heavy set body. She is just a bit shorter than her friend, Liz, who is already on the short side.

Ominous Saying(s)
"So much peace,
in where I've never known.
But I can't help feeling
this is my home."

"Here, I am free.
No responsibility.
Here, I am me."

Items Found in Forest : Saying
-Cross : "Even at this age
         I wonder where I'll go
         when I die."

-Baby Bottle : "An item of resource.
               An item of nurturing.
               From you,
               I'll never know this comfort."

-Phone Book : "Numbers.
              These are the things
              both of us know."

-Laundry Basket : "This basket,
                  like me,
                  was made to carry things
                  that don't belong to me."

-Frying Pan : "I don't want to drop you.
              I don't want you to spill.
              From the pan to the fire?
              Maybe I will..."

Other Items...
--Pill Bottle : "Someone is missing
                something they need."

--Notebook : "Dear diary,
             I've been feeling
             notably stressed.
             Signed, Angel."

--Tent : "Maybe here,
         I can find peace
         and nobody
         can find me."

--Cigarette : "They burn.
              They hurt.
              They kill.
              Why would I want it?"

--Syringe : "Morphine is bad
            for you."

--Vodka Bottle : "Could.

--Box Cutter : "This may come
               in handy."

--Plushy Rabbit : "A stuffed toy
                  for a child?
                  Maybe, a stuffed toy
                  for myself..."

--Flower : "A flower.
           Where you're born
           is where you die."

--Broken Phone : "I try not to break these.
                 It's a one-time

--School Desk : "I am responsible
                for my own education.
                Now only if
                everyone else was."

Place in Forest
The Cathedral - "I can pray for forgiveness.
                I can sing to the Heavens.
                Will I ever be excused
                from my ultimate fate?
                I think not."

Other Places...
The Fog Bog - "If I can't see you
              and you can't see me,
              I won't see
              what's in front of me."

The Crucifixion Hill - "There are much easier
                       ways to die."

The Park - "The only park
           I get to go to,
           and the silence
           is my only friend."

Wolf: The Girl with No Eyes

Fault: Wants to abandon responsibility.

Literal Death
Walks into an abandoned Cathedral in the forest and is ripped apart by the girl inside.

Consistent House Theme
An abandoned, ruined Cathedral.

Rooms : Representations
-A Baby's Room : The responsibility of taking a care of her younger sisters.

-A Dirty Kitchen : The responsibility of providing for her family.

-A Laundry Mat : The responsibility of carrying and cleaning the baggage of others.

-A Classroom : The responsibility of being a good, A+ student.

"Grandma's Room"
A dark, Cathedral, torture room.

Grandma's House Death
Angel walks into the Cathedral and is ripped apart by two soulless girls with no eyes, all the while being dragged into the iron maiden.

Take responsibility for what you can when it comes to family, but don't allow that responsibility to consume and tear you apart. You will lose yourself to someone else, and ultimately become trapped.

Angel: Responsibility.


"Sarah's Path"

Sarah is a light-hearted, cute, happy, twelve year old girl. Her habits consist of drawing, playing the trumpet, hanging out with friends, playing video games, listening to music, watching funny internet videos, and watching TV. At a glance, Sarah is the typical preteen. Her grades are good. She has lots of friends. And most of her time is spent on the internet. But the questions behind the surface are "how did she get those good grades?" "What kind of friends are they?" "What is she using the internet for?" The truth is, Sarah is a procrastinator who copies off her smoker buddies who got their answers off the internet. At home, Sarah is looking for ways to entertain herself, and when the opportunity to be outside with friends comes along, she snatches it up. Her family sees it as a phase that she doesn't want to spend any quality time with them, as it usually is with all preteens. After all, this kind of behavior is typical of the female preteen, right? It's just a phase anyway... At least that's what her family hopes for.

Sarah wears a black snapback, a red shirt, red jeans, and black dress shoes. She has dirty blonde hair that meets just below her shoulders, with right sided bangs. Her skin is a tanned white. She has a slight muffin top and it generally quite shapely involving a perfect figure. She is somewhere at a foot shorter than her older sister, Liz. Her eyes are a cloudy, dark blue.

Ominous Saying(s)
"The forest is dark
and scary,
but it's a cool place
to hang out with friends."

"My parents don't
get me.
My sister
controls me.
Do they think I'm stupid
or something?"

Items Found in Forest : Saying
-Plushy Rabbit : "It's a fluffy bunny!
                 I think I'll keep you!"

-Flower : "Flowers can make
          anyone smile!"

-Broken Phone : "I used to use
                my phone for the internet.
                Then I lost it."

-School Desk : "I like school.
               It's where I go
               to hang out
               with friends."

-Fence : "Run, run, run,
         as fast as you can!
         You can't catch me,
         I'm Sarah Coleman!"

Other Items...
--Notebook : "My friends think
             my drawings are cool.
             My friends think
             that I am cool."

--Tent : "I love to go camping
         with my friends!"

--Baby Bottle : "Aww! A baby bottle!
                A cute, little,
                baby bottle!"

--Cigarette : "I have a lot of friends
              that smoke
              and try to get me
              to smoke too."

--Vodka Bottle : "My friends' parents drink
                 and so do they."

Place in Forest
The Park - "The park is not just for kids.
           The park is for the lonely,
           teenagers, and the homeless."

Other Places...
The Fog Bog - "I can't see my own nose!
              But what can see me?"

The Cathedral - "I used to go to church
                with my friends all the time."

The Crucifixion Hill - "Isn't this where
                       they killed Jesus?"

Wolf: Emo-smoker girl

Fault: Not aware/doesn't care of/about bad influences.

Literal Death
Goes to smoke with the emo girl.

Consistent House Theme
Ongoing club party.

Rooms : Representations
-Girly Bedroom : Young and very feminine at heart.

-Trashed Classroom : (The entire room looks as if it were a party and now it's abandoned.) School is for fun. Not for education.

-Marijuana Crop : Weed addiction.

-Club : Party animal life.

"Grandma's Room"
A random, messy bedroom.

Grandma's House Death
High and drunk, Sarah goes to sleep with a complete stranger and he takes advantage of her against her consent.

Being popular doesn't mean you have to do popular activities. Fitting in doesn't mean you have to have popular friends. Just make sure you're okay with who you are, and don't let anyone change who you are.

Sarah: Popularity.
The Path's Interpretation of...
This may take a little bit to explain... LOL

So I've been hooked on the Tale of Tales' way of interpreting the normal human life. For this instance, they combine an old folk tale and video games to interpret the stages of a woman's life and growing up with dangers all around... I wanted to create some of my own characters to put in the world of The Path in that same artistic realm of poetry and life lessons. I want to add more characters along the line when I have more time and patience LOL


In the typical sense, Liz is unable to keep her focus on the present. She is either regretting the past or hoping for the future. Her head is always up and around in the clouds much like Rose from the original game. This leads to her fate: staying stuck in her own little world for much too long and watching her world crumble around her as she spent too much time in the past or the future. Regretting the things that have been leads to never moving on from them and tearing yourself up over your mistakes, and hoping for what may never be leads to never actually taking that first step to accomplish those dreams you're thinking so much about. Either way, you destroy yourself. Liz, if she never wakes up from her daydreams, will destroy the chance at life she has now...

Zero is a full grown man, and this offers him all the possibilities in the world. However, Zero finds himself completely unable to let go of the drunkard, loser, junkie with no family he used to be. His parents turned him into who he is now for better or for worse, but as of current, Zero realizes his faults and can't seem to use them as tools to construct a new man of himself. Instead, the tool becomes a self harming weapon... He chips away at the man he could be, as he should be making a new version of himself. If Zero follows this "path" and never changes himself, he will later in life find himself the same man he hated himself so much for...

Angel is the older sister of two little sisters and basically the only mature, hard working "adult" in her entire household. Her mother is always away. She has no permanent father. Her sisters don't know how to do anything themselves. This puts Angel in a rough spot. She is obligated to be the mom of the house. With this forced priority, Angel has no choice but to push herself to the limit. She must be a twenty year old woman with two kids, a home to maintain, and a job to take care of the sisters she loves so much and herself. When Angel gets the chance to escape into the solitude of the forest for even a little while, she is only guilted into returning to her responsibilities. She has no release from the pressure of being an adult at age fifteen. This leads her to occasionally succumbing to drinking when she can to make a momentary escape from said responsibilities. But no matter what, Angel seems to be relentlessly torn apart by the overwhelming priorities of adulthood. The symbolism of the eyeless girls are her sisters. The iron maiden is her becoming trapped. If Angel doesn't call for help from being trapped and torn apart, she will only continue be until there is nothing left of who she really is...
Girl in red: The darkness/rebellion in the self. (Devil; if you're religious.)

Girl in white: The goodness/purity in the self. (God; if you're religious.)

Stay on the path all the way through: Obey "God" 100%, you will live a boring life.

Straying and returning to the path: Have faith that you're not alone and stray away from obedience but be brave and ask for "God's guidance" when you wanna go back.

Never returning to the path and facing the avatar's encounter: Be completely rebellious and live a fearless life by eventually facing a terrible fate.

I'm not a religious person in anyway, but damn is this my ultimate conclusion! It's simple and to the point! All of the girls are symbols of an element in the woman world:

Robin: Naivety.

Rose: Self deception.

Ginger: Rejection of puberty/growing up.

Ruby: Rebellion.

Carmen: Vanity.

Scarlet: Neglect of responsibilities.

The wolves represent entities or influences on the female life.

The Wolf: Predators. (Human speaking terms: Pedophiles.)

Cloud "Wolf": Irrational fantasies.

The Girl in Red: Rebellion/darkness (As mentioned before: The Devil.)

The Boy: "Bad Boys" (otherwise leading unto bad habits.)

The Woodsman: Bad men (otherwise leading unto sex "opportunists.")

Fey Wolf: Muse/passion/desire (debatable as to what degree this can be considered a bad thing.)

I think this is pretty laid out. I enjoy this kind of thinking very much >w< So poetic and brilliant.
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Elizabeth Marie Coleman
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States


Just call me Liz <3

Wanna meet me on Twitter? Click this!/xLIZx_
Wanna meet me on Youtube? Click this…
My Skype Name Is xxlizxx96

Name: Elizabeth Marie Coleman (Elizabeth means "Oath Of God", and is Hebrew. Marie means "Sea of bitterness", and is french. Coleman means "coal miner", and is english.)
Gender: Female
Age: 15 years old
Status: Engaged
Dad: Michael James Coleman
Mom: Teresa Gale Humbyrd :iconmommateresa:
Sister: Sarah Michelle Coleman :iconbunbunns:
Fiance: Colton Ryan Turner :iconzero-leonardo-dom:
BFF/Sister: Angel Marie Darton :iconblackdragon1999:
Health Problems?: Lack of skin chemicals (abnormally pale)
Sign: Pisces
Power Animal: Rabbit
Orientation: Straight
Sexuality: On a scale from 1 (Saint) to 10 (Professional Pervert)... 9.
Other Info:
I Love JTHM and Invader Zim (or anything directed or created by Jhonen Vasquez)! I'm a goth, an artist and a tiny bit of a musician. I assume I'm pretty funny considering my comics are funny and popular... Funny, isn't it? (FAIL.) I play and watch a lot of Anime like Wolf's Rain, Pokemon, Dinosaur King, Chobits, etc. I'd be on the computer all day everyday if I could. I'm a beginning author whom is working on her own novels right now. They reach between 30 and 40 chapters. I watch sci-fi and a lot of horror. Why? Because it's freaking entertaining. I love watching aliens eat the human race. I love dragons, and anything involving dragons. I'm unbearably weird and I adore all animals!
Steal Anything And Your Death Will Be Slow And Purple...

-For future reference, when someone says "wacky." Look around the room to make sure there are no sporks in the room.
-If you're receiving bad grades from your favorite teacher and they're friends with you that only means they're trying to not show favoritism.
-FOR THE LOVE OF GRAVY CHEESE!!! People, if you're gonna make an OC character that's boyfriend or girlfriend with a TV show character it better not be a Garry sue or a Marry Sue and would it kill ya to bend the character to the laws of the TV show?!
-Kissing your partner like they don't have a choice out of fucking no where is so romantic and hot.
-Always be honest with the people you love! Honesty Is The Best Policy!
-Never talk someone out of their dream, you'll receive bad karma and regret it forever.
-Sharing your opinions on something and discussing on what you think is better is okay, ranting and screaming and saying that other person sucks is NOT okay!
-Be independent. You were born as an individual for a reason.
-You'll either forget money, or forget everything else but money. You can't have both. It's an apparent fact of life...
-Find peace and comfort in the spirit of rock music <3

I like funny people who can take any joke, sitting on the couch or in my room drawing and coloring, comic books, writing literature and/or poetry, role playing with OC characters, dragons, video games, computer games, funny adorable songs, the band Three Days Grace, Mindless Self Indulgence, Black Veil Brides, and GoRiLlAz. I like the comic Squee, Invader Zim, JTHM, artists like Jhonen Vasquez or just common everyday "I draw in class" artists, all kinds of art, wolves, all kinds of animals, being a bitch, dancing and singing in the middle of class and when the teachers talking, love stories, horror stories, ghosts, the colors red (all shades) black, blue (all shades) violet, loud songs, MMO games, blood, watching some people dance, my BFFTDDUP (best friend forever 'til death due us part,) the dream of being able to fly, being ambitious, being a visionary, being an ESP, all pet animals, being a fan of something, being motivated, having a pen pencil and paper in front of me, doom, using a large vocab, answering questions, being interviewed, having strangers watch me draw, listening to people give me there ideas, wearing jeans, typing a lot, roses, guns, shiny things, sitting at the computer all day, anime shows, furry things, swimming, sports, watching GIR dance, reading out loud, annoying people, long titles, frolicking in my own mind, being right most of the time, debating, proving my point, paranormal creatures and investigations, aliens, being a strong believer in the power of love, being determined, role playing, MSI and all of their music, BVB's message to their fans and all of their music, stars, the moon, punkrock, my boyfriend, loud metal muisc, blasting my music so loud the people across the block can hear it, bees, and I think that may be it.

I dislike strict people who rant a lot about stupid stuff, close-minded christians, having no place for me to draw in peace, being given an assignment I don't wanna do, writing school projects that mean nothing to me, ADVANCED role playing that has strict rules, non-believers in the power of love, lame video games, not being able to play my computer games, Invader Zim bashers, "gangstas," people who complain like 'I Suck At Drawing! I'm Can't Do Anything Right!' PICK UP A DAMN PENCIL AND PRACTICE!! I dislike wolf hunters, animal killers, people who are all 'I don't like you can you please leave the room?' on games, being told what to do, ignorant vocabulary lacking stories, demon spirits, people who listen to nothing else but rap and hip-hop, horribly developed games, watching idiots do stuff that makes me feel embarrassed for them, people who are all 'BE MY FRIEND!!!' I dislike being on the ground with no hope of being able to fly, fucking up my own future, being controlled, forgetting to remember, missing things or having things stolen from me, animal abusers, not showing my passion for something I obviously love, having no motivation, being too lazy to do something, having nothing for me to remember, dwelling on something I regret, small words that mean nothing, listening people blab about stuff I don't care about, watching people brag, hearing people complain, wearing worn out clothing, having Microsoft word shut down on me, watching a plant die before my eyes, when people smash bugs w/o a second thought, having the internet shut down on me, lame cartoons, sweating, being choked, lots of fighting, best friend drama, watching people die, being distracted, people who annoy me, lame titles, paying attention to something I hate, being proven wrong even though I know that I know the truth in my own self, people who think they're just better than everybody else, fakers, liars, people who give up all the time, divas, people who are 'Gonna Fuck You Up!' People who 'Gotta Have A Smoke!!' Smokers, having static in my hair, being jinxed, smoke, humidity, lots of sleep, loosing my mind, MLP:FIM and crazy MLP fans, girls who repeat themselves because they think it sounds cool, girls who come to school smelling like the whole damn perfume department, and I think that may be it.

support my boyfriend stamp by Endien Gorillaz Stamp by XxStormstarxX Gorillaz Stamp by SeizureDemon Gorillaz Fan Stamp by Rodolomoko Sexy stamp by Emerald-tiger12 Demon Days Murdoc Stamp by Spade6179 My Best Friend v2.0 Stamp by RecklessKaiser Pisces 2 by SquallxZell-Leonhart Stamp thing. by DuskSpark MLP Population Control by Danilee3240 editing stamp by cinyu It's Late Stamp by Otogakure-Akatsuki .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Storm Stamp by soulshelter Stamp by Kataang-furuba Anti-Blocking Stamp by In-The-Zone Protected by Werewolves stamp by purgatori Stamp. by Trynnie I Love My Boyfriend Stamp by Timesplitter92 Highly Opinionated Stamp by In-The-Zone Stamp Collab: Here for Art! by TheSaltyMonster stamp by alwaslgirl The Stamp by glompplz :STAMP: by horsewolf NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz :thumb136149671: mURDOC sTAMP_Swivel Dat Ass by anniemae04 NonsenSlash stamp 1 by rockysprings On a Boat by Vrisky Cracked Rabbits Stamp by 3933911 Perverted Stamp by LexxyThirteen Sick....Twisted....Perverted by Shadow252525 Perverted and Proud Stamp by DeltaRedDart Anti-Fandom Stamp by MachinegunAngel Sick of ponies stamp by YamiRyuu-chan Shame of Great Artists -stamp- by Adeldee :thumb243427145: :thumb261731128: Stamp - Dirty Thoughts by Fullmetal-Phantom :thumb168320549: Shut Me Up Stamp by Echidna-kid Nerdy Boyfriend stamp by missjesswinkwink Call it arrogance... Call it stubbornness... by prosaix Online Friends Stamp by Azixel Stamp: I Love Chibi-Robo by AMX-269 One or Two Friends is Enough by mylastel .01 I'll make you proud by clumsyrebel oh darling by Chistokrovka The Last Place I Look by fear-the-brilliance I Love My Friends - Stamp by Bubbleslou :thumb278243737: My Own World by Bakerize Dance Dance by TheSaltyMonster I don't like it... by prosaix Undo Button by fear-the-brilliance I Love Animation by fear-the-brilliance RP Imagine by ArtFreak99 I love Chipmunks by WishmasterAlchemist I love Sugar Gliders by WishmasterAlchemist I love Chinchillas by WishmasterAlchemist I love Hamsters by WishmasterAlchemist I love Netherland Dwarfs by WishmasterAlchemist I love Rats by WishmasterAlchemist :thumb297298001: I love Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist I love Silver Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist I love Fennec Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist I love Rabbits by WishmasterAlchemist I Love My Pet STAMP by 13paulis Art Is Not stamp by smilekeeper Tobuscus by Ellexon Literature is also Art [STAMP] by Lentertament Different Opinions Stamp by mylastel Cynder Stamp by shortview OC Stamp by MarikBentusi For Spyro's Sake... by BatLover800 +NAKED OC STAMP+ by jinx-star friends STAMP by peterdzign I always read my comments by Eceres Dark and Lovely by RebiValeska :thumb158660993: Opinion stamp by xAshleyMx Opinion respecting - stamp by Angi-Shy Attention Whore by QuidxProxQuo GIMP Stamp by DaBerry Art is a Reflection by EmmaL27 Fantasy Stamp by DesiredAdoration weirdest things stamp by StoryMaker91 Be creative stamp by ViOLeTjaniS OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares Mature Critique Stamp by Toxic-Decay Artistic Pride Stamp by skelly-jelly I love my watchers by tRiBaLmArKiNgS Comment Stamp by Poiizu F2U x-mas stamp by Minakie :thumb327301862: I love Emperor Penguins by WishmasterAlchemist :thumb332830690: teddy stamp by findyQ The Log-out Stamp by Busiris I Hate School by Davidgtza2 Meat lover by prosaix Math Scares Me Stamp by Mirz123 :thumb181978310: Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05 I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa Slow interwebz by prosaix I love drawing by muslma Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 Wishful Thinking by whispwill school is bad stamp by KrisiChiki 039 - Dream by clumsyrebel Online friends stamp by Suyy Normal people scare me stamp by deviantStamps Tomboy Stamp by TwilightProwler Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness Thank You... by jennyleigh Active Every Day Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman Dragon Fable Stamp by charfade Why did I make this. by myst-saphyr :thumb215236482: Cynder Fan STAMP by shadowhatesomochao .Stamp. The Land Before Time by KillMePleaseGod Baby Littlefoot Stamp by Nyxity TLBT: Littlefoot Support Stamp by Fishlover Meerkat Manor stamp by xXRoconzaXx Meerkat Manor - Flower Stamp by raichu288 Meerkat Lover Stamp by Meerkat-Gal I Believe In Dragons Stamp by dA--bogeyman I love Dinosaurs by WishmasterAlchemist Online Friends by netta43 Talking to my OC - Stamp by Bootsii DA Stamp - Roleplay Addict 01 by tppgraphics :thumb174797077: Evil Chars Stamp by felineSyndr0me Villian Roleplayer Stamp by TipoTheShy I Suck at Drawing Backgrounds by MelissaDalton All I need.... by ZIMSULTIMATELUVA Traditional art + Digital art by RoliStamps Activity Messages Stamp by StampsAreAwesome I REGRET NOTHING by Vexcel Checking Messages Stamp by Drake1 Penguin Stamp by hosmer23 Anti not religion stamp by Kinky-Hime Obsession stamp by EmseeMcEm :thumb199247119: Stamp by LaylaTheBlackCheetah Stamp: Characters are children by Jammerlee Stamp: Zombie Apocalypse by ChibiZexion-VI :thumb98874067: :thumb122651810: I Can't Explain This... by ImFeelingStampity Stripy Socks Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Dark and Cute Stamp by bezzalair Stamp - Creative Insults by BowChickaBowWow STAMPS ARE FOR JERKS by heysawbones I Love You Stamp by ladieoffical Here comes JOHNNY...... by night-burner Mindless Self Indulgence Stamp by PockyPerson32 Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette Inspiration Strikes when... by Qinni FAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHaku Sadist Stamp by black-roses-falling Stamp I love Headphones by Mellx93 .:I Love Psychos:. Stamp by YinYangLammy I Support Copyrights Stamp by jo-shadow .:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo My Cat by MaruLovesStamps I love both Cats and Dogs by WishmasterAlchemist wolf stamp by war-armor BLood Stamp by NightmaresLover JOURNAL STAMP: Self Taught by ZachDoug All Night Stamp by LumiResources Keep on Drawing Stamp by EmeraldTokyo Stamp - Not Feminine by foxlee Bloody stamp by emptyidentityentity I Killed a Man With This Stamp by NovySparrow I make faces stamp by GracelessLove DA Stamps: black is love by eleoyasha Videogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-Sweetie You don't get it...STAMP by Kairi292 Demons Stamp by kageru-hinoryu School teachers by prosaix Normal People Scare Me Stamp by trinitylast Comments say more than favs by mushir please BROWSE the gallery by StampsByNeekko I Love my Watchers. by Hurricane-Hannah stamp by Zenryu Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX I love night stamp by coolmaggi :thumb157281299: :thumb106017174: Weird Noises by Sardiini Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine I think we should get naked by iScreamLav Curse You Mary Sue Stamp by Mirz123 You're Not Random stamp by invader-zim-14 All the Good Men Stamp by Neyjour Mark David Chapman by MinZki I Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-Dahh Art Block Stamp by Khrinx I talk to myself... by prosaix :thumb176141895: :thumb176091707: :thumb176144705: :thumb176212287: :thumb324513308: Dancing Tobuscus by cordlesstime :thumb259462046: Eternal Sadness by 3933911

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Black dragons are seclusive, secretive, and magical... and some of the most feared

I am a Black Dragon!
What dragon color are you?

Favourite genre of music: Metal, Rock, Alternative, PunkRock, & Pussypunk
Favourite style of art: Traditional Art
Favourite cartoon character: Nny from JTHM
Personal Quote: I believe in the power of love.


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